Body in Balance presents

Optimal Health in tune with nature.


We celebrate the harvest season. I for one LOVE all seasons. Preserving the harvest is something we are especially passionate about!

There are so many complexities in the themes of the weekend.

Masquerades are crazy fun! Masking our true identity is another thing to think about, consciously and subconsciously. Unveil the masterpiece of you! We explore connecting to your higher consciousness, letting go of what no longer serves, and creating your story. Let go of history!

You will Receive:

The Mask and the Mirror PDF
A contemplative guide and deep delve into exploring the masks
that we wear and how everything we are receiving is being reflected back to us, so we can learn how to master our destiny
by what we’re mirroring.


3 Yoga Practices
Explore the ability to move seamlessly through various genres
of asana (physical practice) and pranayama (our breath).

– Experience a beautiful slow flow to wind down and change gears from your life to retreat; a respite from the world, a time to go within and fine tune your being.

– We will enjoy intention-setting and learn how to best immerse ourselves in nature and nurture our connection with our Earth mother.

– Finally, to wrap up and ground the experiences of the weekend, an invigorating power practice and declaring your commitment to your intention moving forward.


3 Meditation Experiences
Meditation, mindfulness and the ability to move seamlessly
between the worlds… we will incorporate pranayama or…. the breath.


Tips for Preserving the Harvest
Learn how to reap the harvest and preserve
various kinds of foods such as stews, fruits and sauces.

Learn how to fuel your body to sustain the lifestyle
you desire at any age in all seasons.


Healthy Harvest Recipes

Simple to prepare recipes that will allow you
to continue this way of eating well beyond the retreat!


A Shopping Guide

All items you can easily find at an organic market
or your local farmer’s market.

For those interested in an on-going,
transformative experience, we present our
7-Week Deep Dive Course for Personal Transformation!

In this course we will go deeper with the concepts of The Mask and the Mirror and provide tools for “Unveiling” your true identity. Unveiling being the primary focus of the retreat. We help you Re-member your identity and confidently co-create the life of your dreams.

Daily practice is a crucial ingredient for personal transformation. Your habits define you. Our actions come from our habits. Practicing a new habit for 40 days will break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through meditation. Tools for meditation in this course include Kriya or Mantra.

Kriya is a series of postures, breath and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing a kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect the body, mind and spirit simultaneously.

Mantra can be broken down into two parts; “man” which means mind and “tra” which means transport or vehicle.

These are very powerful and effective practices for creating new habits.

7-Week Deep Dive for Personal Transformation includes:

  • 7 live weekly group meetings for sharing our stories, experiencing a guided shamanic journey or meditation, and building community

  • An E-book for further exploration of this transformational unveiling process

  • A 20-minute private consultation in which we create a personal 40-day Sadhana practice based on your unique goals

  • An invitation to the Seed Holistic Community Facebook Group to provide ongoing resources for your journey towards optimal health, naturally.